Elizabeth’s Story



Elizabeth’s new marriage of only a year and a half, turned into a nightmare one night when her husband, in a drunken rage, forcibly kicked her out of the home she shared with him, and barricaded himself and their two children in the home.  Police were called, and surrounded the home.  As they were preparing to forcibly enter the residence, her husband let the children go.  This was not the first time her husband had been violent or abusive to her.  While she was pregnant with their child her husband had punched her in the head and broke one of her fingers.  But after that terrifying night, Elizabeth knew her marriage was over and she had to protect herself and her children.  She came to legal aid desperate and anxious to get help with filing for a divorce, and the staff attorney agreed to represent her.  The attorney filed for divorce for her, and she was able to secure her own safe place to live,  and get child support ordered for the children.

She is now divorced, and her children are safe.  She is so grateful to Seminole County Legal Aid for helping her get what she needed to move on with her life, and to have the courage to do so.


*Names and Pictures Included Have Been Changed to Protect Privacy