Apply For Services

If you are low income and need legal help, the following are the steps to take to see if our office can assist you in any way:

  • Dial our office number: (407) 834-1660
  • A staff member will be happy to speak to you. We will determine if you qualify financially and if your case aligns with our services.
  • Should your case meet our guidelines, then we will schedule an interview with an application specialist.
  • To ensure our ability to assist you is not delayed, we ask that you bring the documents requested by our staff.
  • After your interview and upon your application being complete, our office will contact you within 21-days via email with a decision on your application.
  • Our office operates on a 3-tier basis. If your application is approved, our services will be delivered by any of the following methods:
  • Full legal representation
  • A one-time only consultation
  • Approval for a legal clinic

Your consultation will be with either a staff attorney or one of our volunteer pro bono attorneys who will be happy to assist you with your legal matter.

Seminole County Bar Association Legal Aid Society is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

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