The month of April is National Car Care Month. In honor of this month, The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has provided some important information for car owners. One thing that they emphasized was the importance of knowing where you are taking your car for maintenance or repairs. The Florida Motor Vehicle Repair Act requires any mechanic or car repair person to be registered with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Thus, consumers are able to use the “Business/Complaint Lookup” feature on the Florida Consumer Help site (link) to make sure that the shop is properly registered and licensed.

Once the licensing is confirmed, car owners should also make sure that they understand how the pricing works in the particular shop that they have chosen. If a repair will cost more than $100, they must provide the car owner with a written estimate and they must notify the owner if the repair exceeds that estimate. Ultimately, make sure that if you are a vehicle owner, you are making smart decisions about where to send your vehicle for repairs. Do not just choose the cheapest prices.