Luz’s Story



Luz works cleaning homes. She has a daughter named Vanessa, who has cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheelchair. Luz is a single mother. She struggles financially and is fortunate that her older sons help her financially when they can. Her daughter turned 18 years of age and Luz was told she needed to be appointed her Vanessa’s guardian so that she could assist with medical decisions and properly care for her beautiful daughter. She cannot afford the services of an attorney and does not have the necessary command of the English language to complete the paperwork by herself. Luz is afraid that the government will take away Vanessa from her. Luz applies for free legal services and is accepted. She is very nervous. The staff attorney patiently explains the process and help Luz with her worries. The staff attorney prepares all the legal documents to be appointed guardian advocate and obtain the order and letters of guardian advocacy for Luz. The staff attorney assists her with the initial plans and annual plans that must be filed with the court. Luz is very grateful for the free legal services.


*Names and Pictures Included Have Been Changed to Protect Privacy