Kimberly’s Story



Kimberly was an elderly woman who recently lost her mother. She had cared for her mother most of her life prior to her recent passing. Kimberly and her mother leased an apartment together, which was set to expire in March. Kimberly could not afford to live in the apartment alone, so she decided not to renew the lease. Due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, Kimberly was not able to find alternative housing or even a hotel room upon expiration of the lease. Kimberly was very distraught and worried that she would be evicted. Kimberly contacted Seminole County Legal Aid for advice about what to do.

Kimberly was reassured that she would not be evicted due to the current moratorium on evictions pursuant to the Governor’s Executive Order 20-94 and Seminole County’s Administrative Order 20-15 2nd amended. Kimberly also needed assistance completing and submitting the IRS non-filer form in order to receive her Economic Impact Payment from the IRS.  She received assistance setting up an account and submitting her form online.  Kimberly was very relieved and grateful for the advice and thankful for the assistance she received.


*Names and Pictures Included Have Been Changed to Protect Privacy