K.C.’s Story



K.C. applied for assistance with our office after being referred from our local domestic violence center. He’d recently been attacked by his former wife who’d repeatedly struck his car with a bat like object while threatening to do him physical harm. This incident occurred in the presence of one of the parties’ minor children and resulted in significant damage to K.C.’s vehicle. K.C. contacted law enforcement during the incident to make a report and to request the assistance of a law enforcement officer. Upon the officer’s arrival, K.C.’s former wife verbally berated the officer and made threats to kill K.C. After conducting his investigation and while attempting to arrest K.C.’s former wife, she physically assaulted the officer.

Despite this incident and upon her controlled release from incarceration, K.C.’s former wife filed an Emergency Motion alleging several untruths and failing to report her recent criminal behavior. As such, she obtained an emergency order, without hearing, removing the children from K.C. and placing them with her. After an evidentiary hearing to include the arresting officer’s testimony, the Judge entered an Order immediately removing the children from K.C.’s former wife and placing restrictions on her continued parenting. The children are now safely residing with their father, K.C.


*Names and Pictures Included Have Been Changed to Protect Privacy