Jane’s Story



Jane requested our assistance to obtain temporary custody of her two grandchildren. She explained that her daughter and her husband were addicted to fentanyl and were unable to properly take care of their two young children. The oldest child had been absent 34 days from his elementary school class and was struggling academically. The younger child was not enrolled in the voluntary pre-kindergarten. Both children were present when the father of the children overdosed, and first responders arrived at the house to revive him. The house was in disrepair and there was limited food in the refrigerator. The grandmother picked up the children and requested our free legal assistance to secure the safety of the children. We immediately accepted the case and filed the necessary paperwork in court to secure the grandmother custody of her two grandchildren. The parents agreed to allow the grandmother to have custody while they recovered from their addictions. Now the children are regularly attending school and live in a safe and loving home.


*Names and Pictures Included Have Been Changed to Protect Privacy