University of Florida:

The University of Florida has two major relief funds – Aid-a-Gator and the Federal Emergency Aid Grant. The first is a fund meant to help UF students cover education-related expenses. Aid-a-Gator is a grant, not a loan and the maximum grant is $1,000. The second fund is meant for UF students to cover expenses such as unanticipated travel, additional technology requirements, or other emergency-related needs. The Federal Emergency Aid Grant is awarded based on documented expenses and the maximum award is $1,000. Additional criteria for the grant can be found here: Federal Emergency Aid Grant Criteria.


Florida State University:

Florida State University has created a relief fund similar to ones they have done in the past for disasters such as Hurricane Michael. It is appropriately called the Emergency Relief Fund and awards are under $1000, based on demonstrated need. Unfortunately, the fund is no longer taking application for aid from the Spring 2020 semester, however, keep an eye out for applications to open for Summer 2020.


University of Central Florida:

The University of Central Florida is distributing money to students of need suffering from the Coronavirus pandemic. To be eligible, you have to have submitted a FAFSA for the 2019-2020 school year and fill out the application listed in the links below. Unfortunately, UCF closes their application for aid on May 19, but look for them to re-open it should the pandemic persist. The aid is available for all students, although it will prioritize by student’s need.

Application and FAQ links: