Please see below for the most current update regarding the Seminole County Courthouse procedure. Be sure to also check the 18th judicial circuit website and their webpage regarding COVID-19 for any further updates.

  1. All domestic violence, repeat violence, dating violence, stalking and cyberstalking injunction hearings are to be suspended for 30 days and recommence on April 15, 2020, or as provided by subsequent order.  All time limits under Section 741.30, Florida Statutes, and 784.046, Florida Statutes, for any current temporary injunction and the hearing for the permanent injunction shall be extended until after April 15, 2020, or as provided by subsequent order.  Any current temporary injunction shall remain in place until the date of rescheduled hearing.  Any temporary injunction that may be granted between the date of this administrative order and April 15, 2020, shall remain in place until the hearing on the permanent injunction is scheduled
  2. All small claim case management and/or pretrial conferences are to be suspended for 30 days and recommence after April 15, 2020 or as provided by subsequent order.
  3. A moratorium shall be placed upon all foreclosure proceedings for the next 30 days and shall cease until April 15, 2020 or as provided by subsequent order.  All foreclosure sales, hearings and nonjury trials shall be suspended until April 15, 2020 or as provided by subsequent order. All eviction or ejectment proceedings shall be continued for 30 days, until April 15, 2020 or as provided by subsequent order.
  4. All hearings for civil traffic infractions shall be suspended until after April 15, 2020. The traffic hearings will be rescheduled and re-noticed with a new court date to take place after April 15, 2020.  Any time periods involving scheduling the hearing for a civil traffic infraction shall be suspended.   The suspension of time limits for scheduling said hearing shall restore additional days equal to the number stated herein.
  5. All Department of Revenue hearings shall be cancelled for 30 days and rescheduled to take place after April 15, 2020 or as provided by subsequent order.  The Department of Revenue are responsible for notifying all parties of the continuance and the newly rescheduled court dates.
  6. All civil family adoptions, name changes and uncontested divorces shall move forward until further ordered by this court.  However, the attendance shall be limited to only the parties involved and their attorneys to be present for said hearings.  Should any said hearing involve a party who is a minor, it is not necessary for the minor to attend the hearing.
  7. In all family and juvenile mediations, parties may appear telephonically for the mediation and any parties’ attorneys may appear in-person at the mediation location on their behalf.   Any mediation agreement may be signed by the attorneys and confirmed via email by the parties during mediation.  The parties’ emails shall be filed in the court file and considered as confirmation of the settlement agreement, should it be necessary for enforcement.
  8. For all initial appearances that are scheduled Monday through Friday, the procedure shall remain the same and will be conducted through the 3rd floor(Studio F) at CJC.  Beginning this Saturday, March 21, 2020, all weekend Jail duty shall also be conducted via the 3rd The State Attorney’s office shall designate specific attorneys to the Sheriff’s office who shall have access to Studio F and present on the 3rd floor during all initial appearances. The Public Defender will remain at the jail.
  9. All in-custody docket soundings and arraignments shall be conducted via video conferencing in either Courtroom 1B or 5D at CJC.  The Defendants will remain in Courtroom J1 for those dockets.  Otherwise, for any other pretrial, docket review, VOP, or other hearing videoconferencing may be conducted also those dockets from either courtroom 1B and 5D.  We ask the court deputies to notify the jail so the defendants may be brought to the bondsman room at the jail to conduct those hearings.  Under no circumstance shall any in-custody defendant be transported to the courthouse.  The judicial assistants also need to notify Kim Ort of court administration to coordinate the use of 1B or 5D for any appearance by an in-custody defendant.
  10. To clarify, all out of custody defendants’ appearances shall be waived for docket soundings, pretrials, docket reviews, arraignments if they have counsel without a written waiver.   Requests for continuance will be accepted without signature of the defendant provided they are signed by counsel for the defendant.
  11. Each division shall notify the Clerk of court of the rescheduled dates to continue any of the court events indicated above.