Starting January 1, 2020, Florida Notaries must use new certificate wording for acknowledgments and jurats that indicates if the signer appeared in person or by audiovisual communication for the notarization.

The new certificate wording requirement is part of a new Florida law signed last June, which authorizes qualified and registered Notaries to perform remote online notarizations (RON) using audiovisual technology to communicate with a signer in a different location.

Under this new law, a certificate of acknowledgment or jurat must specify whether the signer appeared physically before the Notary or by using audio-video technology.

See FL Stat §117.05

Any current Florida Notary who wishes to use the new certificate wording before January 1 may choose to do so. However, Florida Notaries must check the “physical appearance” box in the new certificate. After January 1, only registered Notaries performing RONs may select the “online notarization” box when completing a certificate. Remember that if you do not use certificate wording compliant with the new law starting January 1, your notarizations will run the risk of rejection.