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  1. Seminole County Small Business Grant Application

    Seminole County has established a grant program designed to aid small businesses struggling amid the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus. Starting June 1st, small businesses located in Seminole County can apply for a one time grant of up to $5,000. The businesses must be physically established within Unincorporated Seminole County or one of the…

  2. Had A Cruise Planned Or Hoping To Plan A Cruise?

    In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the increased risk of spread of COVID-19 on cruise ships, the Center for Disease Control (“CDC”) published the first industry-wide No Sail Order on March 14, 2020. You may ask, what is a No Sail Order? The No Sail Order suspends all cruise ship operations in waters subject to…

  3. Florida Student Financial Relief

    University of Florida: The University of Florida has two major relief funds – Aid-a-Gator and the Federal Emergency Aid Grant. The first is a fund meant to help UF students cover education-related expenses. Aid-a-Gator is a grant, not a loan and the maximum grant is $1,000. The second fund is meant for UF students to…

  4. The Sharing Center’s Community Food Distribution

    On Thursday, May 21st, the Sharing Center will be giving out food to qualifying families at the Annunciation Catholic Church. Please click here view the flyer to learn more.

  5. Florida Reemployment & Federal Unemployment Assistance

    Please click here to see a flyer our office created, comparing and contrasting the types of state reemployment and federal unemployment benefits that are available