No-cost tests are available in some Seminole County locations. Patients must bring identification. They do not have to exhibit symptoms. Although tests are free, patients with insurance should bring their cards. Appointments are not necessary. Sites will be open from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. on the following dates, with the capacity to test up to 250 individuals:

  • Thursday, April 23: Goldsboro, Westside Community Center, 919 South Persimmon Avenue, Sanford
  • Friday, April 24: Lincoln Heights, Journeys Academy, 1722 West Airport Boulevard, Sanford
  • Monday, April 27: Bookertown Community Center, 4631 Gilbert Street, Sanford
  • Tuesday, April 28: Georgetown, Historic Sanford Stadium, 1201 Mellonville Avenue, Sanford
  • Wednesday, April 29: Jamestown, Rockhill Missionary Baptist Church 3036 Weston St, Oviedo