The Seminole County Legal Aid Society is dedicated to helping seniors in the community. Many of the biggest issues plaguing this population are health related and if one is disabled or sick and is unable to pay for expensive medical treatment, government-subsidized health care can be life changing. Especially in the case of individuals requiring long term care, this assistance could help them to remain in their own homes as opposed to entering a nursing home facility. In order to help advocates for seniors needing long term medical care or any similar services, the Florida Health Justice Project (FHJP) and Legal Services of Greater Miami Inc. have created The Advocate’s Guide to the Florida Long-Term Care Medicaid Waiver and earlier this year, FHJP also drafted The Advocate’s Guide to the Florida Medicaid Program.
The guide to the Medicaid Waiver was created to make access to this information easier for advocates. It focuses specifically on access to in-home care for seniors that are also known as “home and community-based services.” These services can be life-changing for those who wish to remain a part of their surrounding community by staying in their own home. In Florida, over 100,000 residents are receiving services under this waiver and there are over 50,000 more on a waiting list to do so as well. FJTC Project Manager Joseph Schieffer hopes that “having the guide online makes it easier for advocates to navigate the content and share it with others.” Every year, more and more people develop disabilities that require long term care and this comprehensive guide, which covers everything from eligibility, how to apply, how managed care works, how to handle a denial and more, is something that will undoubtedly streamline the process to receive long term care.


Written by Erin Roche