News Channel 6 child support investigation finds $1.2 billion owed in back pay
By Adrianna Iwasinski – Investigative Reporter

News Channel 6 has learned that this fiscal year, the Florida Department of Revenue Child Support Program has collected more than $1 billion in current and past due child support. The program boasts it has a collection rate of 81.9 percent, but it is still trying to collect on $1.2 billion more.

So where else can people turn for help? One place is the legal aid offices in your county. “I see it fairly often unfortunately,” said Sue Selsky, who is an attorney with Seminole County Legal Aid Society in Longwood, Florida. “We do have some cases where parents do pay voluntarily, and of course, they get credit for that,” said Selsky. “But for a lot of my cases, they aren’t paying anything to the other parent.”

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